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We are the creatures of Naivety

September 02

We are the creatures of naivety

we often despise and condemn those who are always kind to us 

yet we praise and glorify those who wished and brought

harm upon us.

Those who are

considerate, thoughtful, 

    benevolent, altruistic,

       magnanimous, munificent and understanding

often are the ones we pushed away and

demand more of their generosity 


the nasty,

spiteful,          malevolent,          callous,            uncharitable,

inconsiderate and most of all

     fake, insincere, duplicitous and a janus-faced 

are the ones we 

tend to let them linger around us, 

tend to be kind to, hail, cheer and flatter,

all because we are blinded by their grand master


to act,

to perform,

as the genuine and guileless characters

that we need,

we oblige to have in our lives and 

crave to be apart of … .

therefore we are the creatures of naivety.

©D C de Oliveira

September 01
August 31


Feeling grungy

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August 18

nestle yourself 


right above my chest

perhaps your mind can find the comfort 

   right here

above the melody of my heart.

August 14


 The eyes of the windows, the world and the old guitar.

Through the windows

I see the world

while letting the sunlight 

pierce through my old guitar…. 

The world don’t see me they way I see it

and the sunlight don’t often come around 

so deep that even this old guitar could finally feel

the blessing of its mighty light

The old guitar sat closer to the entrance of the sunroom

and after its night life of serenading in my arms,

all it wants is to embrace the morning delight

and perhaps it could also see the world

through those big windows.

D C de Oliveira

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August 12


Just sit and talk,

let the trees and sunlight listen

to your heart and mine

romantically chirp in harmony - D C de Oliveira

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August 05


Do we think too much?

Do we see what other people see?

Do we paint red and orange just to see what other colour will appear?

Do we?

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July 30

I don’t want to lie between the sheets

I want to lie

like the old fashion way,

like the indigenous before the convicts arrived

like adam and eve

like you and I when the chemistry within

long to extract itself out 

releasing the fluids of our intimacy.

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June 13

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June 13


drown oneself in the arm of the nature.

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Forever be a part of you

May 14

A good friend of mine had asked me if I could write her a poem for her class project. The topic is about connectedness. I thought, I tried something out of my own comfort zone since I don’t really know how this feels yet. She is currently pregnant but she has no idea that I have written this poem for her class project based on her :). Well Enjoy! 

A white dove landed on the window

A mutual connection, an immediate feeling of belonging

A place of pouring love

Where a seed is

Growing, blooming, grasping into a tiny opulent entity

Your little heart beats

Embracing, holding

Into the roots of my womb

A bond only you and I could share

Your existence my child

Is a gift of love,  tranquillity,

comfort and felicity ;

this cascading ebullience,

an *Einfühlung (ainfuhlun )

only to be felt by us in unison.

*It’s an architectural term for sharing a feeling 

May 11

under the autumn tree

you left me with

unforgettable memories

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May 11


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the beautiful Mothers out there!!!

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May 08

I write when i miss your smile
Or when the sun forgot to set its bright light
And the sky turn so gloomy
Because the rain decided to show up instead

I write when i crave your companionship
Or when i needed some kind of
Elixir to boost the feeling of being so loved
and cared for the way i love and care for you

I write when i seek your touch
Or when the world is too harsh
For me to deal with and i can
Feel safe and not be intimidated by
Your oh so sweet, sweet embrace

I write when we just lie here
Or when you finally stop breathing so
Fast after our love affair
Witnessed not only by the moon but
By that same sun i was waiting for earlier…

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May 07

I want to write

like an endless flame

that burn viciously

to warm your cold lonely nights

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A criminology and Criminal Justice drop-out,
(but successfully achieved an investigative services certificate)
currently trying to get an advanced diploma in Tourism (half way there),
a realist with a lot of imagination,
a writer by summer, a photographer/artist by winter,
a musician by spring,
a traveler by autumn
and another unbalanced or rather horizontally disabled soul between the four seasons.

I don't do follow for a follow
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Thanks again!

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Me; I like wondering through the empty spaces, then talk to you like your feeling is fragile , something is right when I write about the sand or the blue lagoon, I left some memories in the hidden valley of the death. I've increased my sense of stability by learning and observing the stars when it fell and catches my eyes. I can be polite but sharp enough to stab you. And when Im closed I can be a secret itself but when I'm open, that's when you can see how wild I blossomed. So that's me! add me, befriend me, hate me, delete me, at the end of the day I don't really care, this is also one of those game we all play, so don't worry I'm playing along with ya! 

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