Metaphorically Incorrect Where my soul pour metaphor into the ocean
June 13

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June 13


drown oneself in the arm of the nature.

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Forever be a part of you

May 14

A good friend of mine had asked me if I could write her a poem for her class project. The topic is about connectedness. I thought, I tried something out of my own comfort zone since I don’t really know how this feels yet. She is currently pregnant but she has no idea that I have written this poem for her class project based on her :). Well Enjoy! 

A white dove landed on the window

A mutual connection, an immediate feeling of belonging

A place of pouring love

Where a seed is

Growing, blooming, grasping into a tiny opulent entity

Your little heart beats

Embracing, holding

Into the roots of my womb

A bond only you and I could share

Your existence my child

Is a gift of love,  tranquillity,

comfort and felicity ;

this cascading ebullience,

an *Einfühlung (ainfuhlun )

only to be felt by us in unison.

*It’s an architectural term for sharing a feeling 

May 11

under the autumn tree

you left me with

unforgettable memories

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May 11


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the beautiful Mothers out there!!!

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May 08

I write when i miss your smile
Or when the sun forgot to set its bright light
And the sky turn so gloomy
Because the rain decided to show up instead

I write when i crave your companionship
Or when i needed some kind of
Elixir to boost the feeling of being so loved
and cared for the way i love and care for you

I write when i seek your touch
Or when the world is too harsh
For me to deal with and i can
Feel safe and not be intimidated by
Your oh so sweet, sweet embrace

I write when we just lie here
Or when you finally stop breathing so
Fast after our love affair
Witnessed not only by the moon but
By that same sun i was waiting for earlier…

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May 07

I want to write

like an endless flame

that burn viciously

to warm your cold lonely nights

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April 13

to unbuttoned your heart

all the way down to where your toes curled up

letting the darkness feel the nakedness of our skin

and to let the silk of this sheet

entwined us,

entangled us in the smoothness of this moment.

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April 13

Silence is lurking quietly ;
Kage - 影 ( the shadow )
Became yesterday’s memory

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April 13

between the left over dews

on the old spiderweb

and the bright yellow paint

across the wild flower ;

I woke up 

with the residue of you

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retro love

April 13

melt by the bar

watching you, watching milky ways at the back of the car

boogie on the dance floor

you funk yourself straight to my soul ;

a vintage kind of suave

you are my one and only retro love 

April 13

I think too much of you

and yet

it’s still isn’t enough

the violinist’s tears

April 13

the weep of a severed heart ;

only through her bow and string

a story of her sinking love

resonated and echoed

across the ocean

and over the peak of the highest mountain ;

her last performance before her tears run dry. 

April 12

The song really fits the poem. I literally feel on the verge of something happening, a positive turn.. kind of excitement/anticipation. I feel like coming out from the dark and seeing light listening to this ^^ i had no idea you composed music!!

awww you said it exactly how it is :)

I thought I’d give a chance to the so called ex-con to kind of repent himself with a new bride, new life etc :)

heheheh I composed the songs (about 36 of them now) with garageband only when I feel like it - a very rare occasion and usually up to four songs in one day

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April 12

This is beautiful. I thought the imagery was really powerful here ^^

awww thanks it’s actually based on the song title which I recently composed 

you can hear it here :)

if it helps more with the imagination ^_^

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