Metaphorically Incorrect Where my soul pour metaphor into the ocean
August 11

Here we go;

the classic tale of Rock and Roll plus energy drink

Tune in and out

Listening to unfamiliar languages

while waiting for the car to be pampered

Coffee doesn’t seem to do the trick

so two cans of energy drink would help

to ease the boredom.

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Female || this is me, this is where I belong.

A criminology and Criminal Justice drop-out,
(but successfully achieved an investigative services certificate)
currently trying to get an advanced diploma in Tourism (half way there),
a realist with a lot of imagination,
a writer by summer, a photographer/artist by winter,
a musician by spring,
a traveler by autumn
and another unbalanced or rather horizontally disabled soul between the four seasons.

I don't do follow for a follow
also if you are
going to follow me

and stay inactive
and have no

interest with my work
please DO NOT follow
I'd prefer less follower
with interest towards
my work

than hundreds of
useless ones.

Thanks again!

 Poets/Writers lurking here>

Me; I like wondering through the empty spaces, then talk to you like your feeling is fragile , something is right when I write about the sand or the blue lagoon, I left some memories in the hidden valley of the death. I've increased my sense of stability by learning and observing the stars when it fell and catches my eyes. I can be polite but sharp enough to stab you. And when Im closed I can be a secret itself but when I'm open, that's when you can see how wild I blossomed. So that's me! add me, befriend me, hate me, delete me, at the end of the day I don't really care, this is also one of those game we all play, so don't worry I'm playing along with ya! 

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